At American Auto Outlet, nearly every vehicle we sell comes with a complimentary warranty, included in the price of the vehicle, ranging from 3 months all the way to 7 years!

We stand by our key word of ‘affordability,’ and that’s why our pre-owned vehicle protection packages are nearly 50% of the average price of other dealer’s plans. We know that buying a vehicle can stretch the budget at times, and we frequently help customers build the cost into their financing programs, so that they can get the longevity they dream about when buying a newer vehicle.

Used Vehicle Protection Plans

New vehicles may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, but once that has run out, you are responsible for any breakdowns that might occur. By adding a Used Vehicle Protection Plan to your vehicle you will help offset the cost of any repairs you may need.  We offer plans ranging from 3 months/4,500 miles, all the way up to 7 years, with unlimited mileage.

Our newly introduced CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED PROGRAM is now available on select vehicles, and included on some of our inventory!  This coverage is a manufacturer’s warranty extension for up to 7 years* or until the vehicle reaches up to 125,000 miles*!  It covers the same components that the manufacturer’s warranty covered when the vehicle was new* so that you can keep your confidence in your vehicle high while you drive anywhere you please.  *Some exclusions or extensions may apply, see dealer for details.

We guarantee that our protection plan rates aren’t just competitive, but that they are close to 50% lower priced than the average vehicle protection plan at other dealerships.  We can help any customer build the cost into their financing plans, and we even offer coverage that can be paid for on a monthly basis.

Repair Coverage

From basic coverage of a vehicle’s most expensive components to comprehensive plans that rival a manufacturer’s basic factory warranty, Our warranty plans can provide the coverage to fit your needs and your budget.

Our complimentary warranties cover your vehicle’s engine, transmission, differential, and transfer case internals.  It also covers the vehicle’s CV and U-Joints, and all four wheel bearings.

Extended coverage covers the same components, as well as the components of: engine cooling, transmission cooling, air conditioning, electrical charging system, major and minor suspension, turbo/supercharger, and much more!

Road Side Assistance

Just like repairs can be unexpected, so can be the time you need them. Every warranty we provide and offer comes with complimentary towing.  Some packages include road side assistance, as well as rental car reimbursement.

Road Side Assistance will help you where ever you are. Whether you need some gas to make it to the next station or need to get your car towed to a repair shop, we’ll be with you wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Warranties:

Where can I take my vehicle for repairs?

Any licensed repair facility of your choosing!  Our vehicle protection plans cater to you, and the repair facilities that you know and love.

Is there a deductible or fee should I need to make a claim?

There are no hidden fees with our plans.  You won’t be surprised with any hidden bills or charges if you make a claim for your vehicle.  With each claim, there is only a $100.00 deductible.

Does the warranty company pay the shop, or do I?

Our warranty company will generally pay the shop directly if you open a claim prior to initializing repairs.  On some weekends/holidays, if the repairs are paid for, the company will reimburse you in your preferred payment method.

How long has the company been in business?

Our providers have been in business for over 20 years, and all providers are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

When is my vehicle covered?
Your vehicle is covered from the moment you sign with the dealer.  There are no delays or waiting periods for your coverage to start.

Are there any excluded parts that may not be covered under my warranty?
Depending on the warranty plan included with the vehicle or the warranty you purchase as an extension, there may be some exclusions to covered parts on the vehicle.  Feel free to ask the dealer and your representative at the dealership what your coverage is, and even take a look at our sample contracts!

See dealer for complete coverage details and copy of any service/protection contracts, and specific terms.

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